Dawes & Green are a committed, sustainable company and thrive to continually improve operating procedures to have a positive impact on the environment. We are wholly committed to using products that are within environmental legislation and wherever and economically practicable, endeavour to use environmentally safe materials.

Dawes & Green use companies and manufacturers who are equally committed to a similar Environment Policy and where feasible, we strive towards the continual reduction of all waste streams, to air, water and land.

All our products adhere to strict guidelines and materials; wood, fiberglass, steel or composites are engineered and selected for lasting durability to ensure the least possible impact on the world round us.

As part of The DG Group within which is DG Servicing and DG Supplyline, Dawes & Green recycle and reuse any materials that are commercially viable, that would otherwise go to landfill as our commitment to sustainability and for future generations to come.


Why we cannot ignore the environment in the property world