Daniel Rosewell

Daniel Rosewell, is the Managing Director of Dawes and Green and General Manager of The DG Group.

Daniel joined The DG Group in 1995 as a Service Engineer for DG Servicing, and progressed to General Manager where he played an integral part in establishing the now successful, DG Supplyline and DG Group as a whole. Whilst raising the profile of DG Servicing and DG Supplyline, Daniel recognised the need to build on the already excellent reputation of DG Servicing and established Dawes and Green in August 2013, as another significant extension to the group. Dawes and Green provide an extensive range of high-end door products and is now recognised not just locally but nationally as an important player in this industry, and steadily becoming a market leader in the supply and fit of luxury entrance doors.

Daniel is also heavily involved within the local community and has been Chairman of Southend Peers Networking for the last two years. Southend Peers is networking forum for local small-medium businesses looking to meet like-minded individuals to provide support, advice and guidance within the group. Southend Peers are also a group of members who support the local community and charities, holding fund-raising events throughout the year. For more information on Southend Peers and this networking group of business people and friends, visit their website today or follow on facebook and twitter for all the latest news.

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